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Date: September 2012 Duration: 3 days Crossing over one of Europe’s great rivers, the Danube, we enter into Romania just south of Bucharest. The Danube runs along the border between Bulgaria and Romania, and we will revisit this river further upstream when we return to Budapest. Soon we are on to a dual carridgeway headed


Date: September 2012 Duration: 5 days Crossing over from Macedonia at 1,500m altitude, we return to the European Union and into Bulgaria one of the newest members. Our initial research indicated that even motorbikes require vignettes to use any major road, however the customs officials just wave us through. We have crossed a timezone and


Date: September 2012 Duration: 3 days Over the border from Kosovo and its our first chance to use our green cards, saving us a reported €50 each. Ohrid (Охрид) in the south-west corner of the country, is our destination. The roads are the best since we left Hungary and traffic is reasonably light. Macedonia managing


Date: September 2012 Duration: ~24 hours Ten kilometers after exiting Montenegro we arrive at the border crossing into Kosovo. There is a vacant gunner tower opposite the insurance office, likely due to recent violence at nearby crossing points. When we’re there the crossing is quiet and a pack of puppies are on hand to greet


Date: August 2012 Duration: 4 days Straight from Croatia into the Bay of Kotor, and there is a nice breeze. The road from the border to the Bay is busy and slow with numerous resort complexes & developments scattered along the shoreline. You can drive around the bay itself to Kotor, which is heaving, accommodation


Date: August 2012 Duration: a few hours The border crossing is tiny. Two portacabins beside each other, one for leaving Bosnia, and one with a solitary Croatian border guard who checks our passports and registration documents, then manually raises the barrier. The border (and “Welcome to Croatia” signs) are passed first, and only a few


Date: August 2012 Duration: 4 days Our first mistake was to enter the Bosnia on a Sunday afternoon without a Green Card. We crossed the border at Brod/Брод in the north, where the guard took our passports, looked at our registration documents and told us that the office to buy insurance was closed. After standing