Date: September 2019 Duration: 6 days Distance: 940km Leaving Pridnestrovia and crossing the river into Ukraine, I am soon onto a dead-straight road to Оде́са (Odeca). This whole region is flat and geologically very stable, hence the straight roads everywhere. The only thing that isn’t flat is the road surface, which is deeply rutted by

Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic

Date: September 2019Duration: 2 daysDistance: 50km Wedged between Moldova and Ukraine, only 30km wide in places, and recognised by no other country in the World, is the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (Приднестровская Молдавская Республика) also known as Transnistria. Internationally the area is considered part of Moldova, however on the ground it is a de facto country.


Date: September 2019Duration: 5 hoursDistance: 230km Leaving Galați after very little sleep as a result of a wedding on the Danube, I head for the EU exit for the second time on this trip. The border with Moldova is just a few kilometres away along the river, on the other side of an old industrial


Date: August 2019Duration: 1 dayDistance: 250km Despite both Bulgaria and Romania being EU members, neither are part of Schengen, so consequently there are border controls. Fortunately these formalities do not take long and my Bulgarian Lev is soon exchanged for Romanian Leu. My journey through Romania is rather rushed. I would have preferred to take


Date: August 2019Duration: 2 daysDistance: 293km After passing (and mostly jumping) through the long queue for Bulgarian Customs, I quickly change all my Turkish Lira for Bulgarian Lev, adding in a few Euro for good measure. Petrol is replenished and I head straight for the Black Sea coast along a heavily pot-holed forest road. I


Date: August 2019Duration: 3 daysDistance: 709km I begin the tour in Thessaloniki, Greece. The bike had been shipped here by Bike-on-Board in Düsseldorf, saving me 2,000km of motorway riding to reach the start point. My luggage, helmet etc, shipped with the bike and I flew out with just hand-luggage for a couple of nights in

Day tour in Alsace and Pfalz

Distance: 150km Duration: 3 hour, excluding lunch We head across the Rhine from Karlsruhe and into Pfalz, where we soon leave the motorway and head south to France. We cross the border in the small town of Scheibenhardt which is split between the two countries, where we immediately head east, following the border on the


Date: October 2016 Duration: 10 days Sailing from Algeciras on the southern tip of Spain, we make the two hour ferry crossing to Tanger. During the crossing we complete immigration controls on board. There are further controls once we arrive in the port, which we rapidly clear being the first vehicles off the boat. There