Leaving the European Union (Green Card)

Riding within the European Union, it’s affiliated states (Switzerland, Monaco, Andorra) and especially the Schengen Area is very convenient and easy. No border controls and any EU motor insurance policy is valid for all member states. A green card is not required for EU vehicles travelling within the EU/EEA.

When crossing the international border and leaving the Union, every border guard at every entry or exit border requests:

  • Passport
  • Registration Document
  • Green Card*

* most exit borders in our experience do not request the green card (or bought insurance). Only when leaving Macedonia did we have to present our green card.

We have heard some experiences where bikers have been able to enter a country and not been forced to purchase insurance. This is all well and good except if you need to present it to the local police or when you leave the country, as above.

Our Experience
Our bikes are insured by Liberty (formerly Quinn) in Ireland. For our summer trip in 2012 they provided us with a green card for:

  • Albania
  • Croatia*
  • (Former Yugoslav Republic of) Macedonia
  • Turkey

* Croatia is set to join the EU in 2013.

They would not issue a green card for “Macedonia” but would for the “Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” – the insurance salesman not realising that they are the same country.

We were forced to purchase 3rd party local insurance in:

  • Bosnia (at Brod, northern crossing with Croatia) – €36 for 7 days
  • Montenegro (crossing from Dubrovnik) – €10
  • Kosovo (crossing from Rožaje, Montenegro) – €15

The above insurance offices are located beside the border crossings and accepted Euro cash.

We did have issues purchasing insurance at Brod, Bosnia. It was a Sunday afternoon and it took a little while to convince the guards that they needed to open the insurance office. Persistance and €36 each to obtain pieces of paper typed in a language which we don’t understand.