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Date: September 2012 Duration: 3 days Over the border from Kosovo and its our first chance to use our green cards, saving us a reported €50 each. Ohrid (Охрид) in the south-west corner of the country, is our destination. The roads are the best since we left Hungary and traffic is reasonably light. Macedonia managing


Date: September 2012 Duration: ~24 hours Ten kilometers after exiting Montenegro we arrive at the border crossing into Kosovo. There is a vacant gunner tower opposite the insurance office, likely due to recent violence at nearby crossing points. When we’re there the crossing is quiet and a pack of puppies are on hand to greet


Date: August 2012 Duration: 4 days Straight from Croatia into the Bay of Kotor, and there is a nice breeze. The road from the border to the Bay is busy and slow with numerous resort complexes & developments scattered along the shoreline. You can drive around the bay itself to Kotor, which is heaving, accommodation


Date: August 2012 Duration: a few hours The border crossing is tiny. Two portacabins beside each other, one for leaving Bosnia, and one with a solitary Croatian border guard who checks our passports and registration documents, then manually raises the barrier. The border (and “Welcome to Croatia” signs) are passed first, and only a few


Date: August 2012 Duration: 4 days Our first mistake was to enter the Bosnia on a Sunday afternoon without a Green Card. We crossed the border at Brod/Брод in the north, where the guard took our passports, looked at our registration documents and told us that the office to buy insurance was closed. After standing